The power point presentations were arranged as per the translation/version. Upon selecting your language and version it will open the link to PPT files page. All the PPTs were arranged in folders as per the testament and book. Testament folders contain book wise PPTs. Inside the testament you will find Book Name folders that contain chapter wise PPTs.

All the PPTs are free and you can use them in your service for GOD. Churches can use them while conducting Bible studies to project the scripture on the screen. Pastors can add their own Bible notes to the PPTs.

If you need any specific Bible version PPTs which are not listed here, please do let us know. we will try our level best to help. if you come across any errors in the PPTs, please do inform us.

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Respective Bible Society in the country holds all the copy rights for the text presented in these PPTs. Our sincere thanks to website for providing the Bible text in XML format. Without these files these PPTs work would not have been materialised.