Believe me you have taken one of the best and most important decision in your life by coming here. This will change your life forever. Welcome to the BIBLE Study using the most famous English Translation versions KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, NLT, Amplified and ESV. Using this study you will not only get knowledge of the Word of GOD but also develop a close, deeper personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. To ease your journey the study was broken into various smaller sections. the good news for you is, You need not have any prior knowledge of Bible to start this journey. It is our desire that you will become disciple for JESUS by studying the scriptures.








This Template has the following features

Bible At a Glance

Will provide you basic understanding of the Bible. Its objective, structure, history and interesting analytics

Bible At a Glance

Old Testament

Will provide complete information on each of the books in Old Testament (OT) covering from creation to the before Birth of JESUS CHRIST